The project of this company have been born in my head for years.

Since little girl I’ve looked at the sky and I was fascinated by the stars. I asked my parents where I came from. And it wasn't a biology question. I knew that the universe is different from what is presented to us ...


The letter „A"

Hello. My name is Agnes and this is my brand. I am revealing to you the hem of my soul, my life goal, which I had been striving for all the time without knowing it, until I woke up from this matrix’s dream.

„A” stands for AGNIESZKA

The letter „P"

I have always asked myself the question - where this certainty among of people came from that there is no one but us - the human race on earth - if our technology did not allow us to reach the wall or the edge of the Universe. The word - „UFO” did not come from nowhere. It is a name that means exactly something - something unidentified and unknown.
So where did the crop circles come from? What is the meaning? Despite various theories trying to define these phenomena as a human joke I decided to explore this topic and came to very interesting conclusions, confirmed by many researchers.
It turned out that some of crop cirlces emits energy that is beneficial to our bodies, but only if you are near or in the center of the circle.

And here the idea came to my mind - what if we wore exactly the same but smaller picture on us? Will it helps us energetically? what if it was a part of our outfit?
So the idea of ​​a pattern on comfortable cotton wear with pictograms like crop circle on them was born.

„P” stands for - PICTOGRAM - a graphic image, in this case a crop circle.

The letter "H"

I always knew that horoscopes are like maps ... user manuals for our bodies and lives, which were then modified and reduced to general newspaper mentioning to suit each and every one of us. I started to explore this topic and it turned out to be even more complexed.
Horoscopes are divided into different houses and can characterize each of us individually, giving us hints about the weaknesses and strengths of our bodies, personality and how to strengthen or weaken them.
All ancient philosophers and sages used astrology first and then other knowledge, including medicine. Unfortunately, Astronomy has now been superseded, somewhere hidden and sadly ridiculed.
What is the best way to deny the truth? Make fun of it.

By this project I would like to get your interest back in it, because knowing what personality type we are interacting with, is easier for to communicate with others .

„H” stand for - HOROSCOPE

The letter "Q"

And here we came to the further idea of ​​this project - the idea of ​​understanding others.

Nowadays, the world overfilled with false and negative judgments, therefore I decided to use the timeless words of ancient and present Wise man who remind us the magical meanings of word. They also have an impact on us and the surroundings.

„Q” stand for QUOTES

The letter "U"

The whole of all the phenomena, instructions, slogans, all of us are influenced by one thing and one thing only- The Universe.

It sends us energy that we receive as a receiver like the radio receive the radio signal. But we also broadcasted back. Nowadays many people talk about it and many books are being written.
What is born in our heads, this impulse, this thought, this idea and intention is just that exact radio signal we broadcast. that has its receiver in the universe. This device receives our signal and sends a return message, which then is materializes in time.
I believe that we should broadcast only good and positive vibes and we should be aware of what we do and think. We want to attract positivity to our lives, not negativity, don’t we?

„U” stands for UNIVERSE

Purpose of project

And here we come to the conclusion and the main goal of this project - to be aware and broadcast only positivity around each other, to enlighten others. Because not everyone gets the meaning of the spoken words, and we are mostly visual learners, hence the idea of images representing certain content and placing them on the cotton wear. After all, everyone wear clothes and the message on them goes to all people around us whether they are aware of it or not. So there is a shadow of a chance that we will be able to instill a seed of curiosity together, which then leads to the exploration of knowledge, development and awakening of awareness.

So let's spread good and let's feel good.