“Ammer 14” Mug – black

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A white ceramic glazed mug with a gold print representing the crop circle, which appeared in 2014 at Lake Ammer in Bavaria. It carries a powerful energy charge that expands perception. Perfect for people at the beginning the great awakening. It accelerates the flow of energy in the body and opens it to the reception of subtle energies. This circle was described by Pavlin Klemm in her book “Lichtbotschaften von den Plejader. Übergang in die fünfte Dimension.”


Update: This sign was checked by the clairvoyant Pavlina Klemm, author of the Pleiadians book series. She describes it this way: “This symbol radiates violet-blue energy. Through this symbol, man connects with the cosmos, with the planets, language and energy of the planets. This symbol is blessed by the spiritual world.”

A mug with this symbol is perfect for people who want to establish connections and contact with other planets, their language and their civilizations. Perfect for people starting their adventure with Chanelling.

Thanks to the energy flowing from this symbol, our ability to recognize and telepathy is strengthened.

Each consumption of a drink in such a cup energizes the drink, which then affects us from the inside.



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