“Silbury Hil” Mug – white

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White ceramic mug, glazed with gold print. The print shows the crop circle that appeared in Silbury Hill, England in 2004. This circle is also called the Mayan Calendar because its elements resemble the components of the Mayan Calendar.

This circle emits the healing energy experienced by Lucy Pringle, author of “The Energies of Crop Circles”. She described in detail its operation on herself. Including her eye disease, that suddenly disappeared.

The circle on the mug will energetically charge your favorite drink or strengthen the intention you give it.

Update: Pavlina Klemm, psychic and author of the book series “The Light Messages from the Pleiades”, when she vigorously examined this symbol, she immediately saw a golden light. She described this symbol as directly connected to the divine source. She says that this symbol Blessed by the spirit world. This symbol is also associated with healing cosmic geometry and numerology. It removes negative programs and activates positive programs in the body and human system.

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Kubek można myć w zmywarce, jednakże nie nadaje się do mikrofali ze względu na swój metalizowany nadruk.

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